Life before Ancaster

Before getting my Service Dog Ancaster I was falling on average 3 times a month. My husband was afraid for me to go out on my own. I was afraid to go out on my own. Simple tasks like stepping up or off a curb, navigating some tile floors, picking up items I dropped were dangerous and scary. In the winter of 2015 I was taking my 2 small boys to daycare at 7am and I slipped on the ice in the middle of the parking lot. My boys were so scared to go get help because "the cars won't see you mommy and they will hit you". My husband & I decided with the approval of my doctors that there had to be a way to make life SAFER.

I started to research.. and after countless calls to the US and multiple organizations saying it would cost me at least $10 000 USD to get a dog from them or no they don't let their dogs across the border, I stumbled upon Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. There was NO other organization that I found in Canada that trained dogs for the type of tasks that I needed, Mobility Assistance. I called and applied and was shocked, after speaking to all the previous organizations, to find out they supplied the trained dogs for my needs and they did it FREE.

On April 22, 2016 a trainer came to my home to do a in home assessment to see what my exact needs were, that a dog would be helpful and that I understood how to care for a dog. After the trainer returned to the school with my assessment I received a letter from the school that I had been accepted into the program, and they would be in contact once they matched me with a dog that could help. I cried like a baby.. I finally had hope.

My husband and I attended a 3 week in house training at LFCDG school in June of 2017. Where we learned about life with a service dog, the challenges that can come forward and how to deal with them, learned what my new SD was capable of and how he was going to help.. and we met ANCASTER !! He was a 1.5yr old... 74lbs large black lab.. and man was he SMART.

Fast forward today.. we have been a team for 2.5 years, Ancaster is about to turn 4 on Monday... Our bond is incredible !! I have only fallen 6 times in the 2.5 years !!! I was able to take my boys to Disney World and a 3 week driving trip to Ontario to visit family and friends. All of these type of activities were not something my husband and I were comfortable with before. Ancaster, although he was not trained by the school for this, is able to tell me when a massive headache is coming; which is debilitating for a period when you have a head injury. In short.. Ancaster has made it possible to do things again. I didn't realize all that I had stopped doing until I got him. He has made it SAFE again...

given me my life back

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